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Cookie Policy

Cookies: What they are and how they are used
A cookie is a short text sent to your browser by a visited website. Allows the site to store information about your visit, such as your settings and access to the website, and always completely anonymously. The use of cookies can facilitate your next visit and increase the usefulness of the site in your favor. Cookies play an important role: without them, using the Web would be a much more frustrating experience. Cookies are used for various purposes. We use them, for example, to store the products you have placed in your cart, to count the number of visits we receive on a product page and also to protect your personal data from unwanted access by third parties. The types of cookies used are shown below.

Navigation cookies
These cookies are installed in your browser when you first connect to the website. Navigation cookies allow you to recognize where you are connecting from, your language, the currency used in your country of residence and are necessary for browsing the website. The data collected by the navigation cookies are anonymous and necessary for the proper functioning of the website.
Third Party Cookies
We use Google Analytics services to collect anonymous data on visits to our website (for example, the number of times, times and routes used to visit a page of our website). If you do not want Google Analytics to collect data related to your connections, you can disable it by following the instructions on this page:

We use cookies from the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to allow you to express your appreciation and to share the pages you prefer on the social networks just listed. The use of social network cookies is not necessary for navigation. This site does not have control over the cookies managed by third parties and the information sent: the information is managed directly by third-party companies and regulated by their respective privacy policies.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies allow you to save your cart data, to log in to our website, to edit the information linked to your personal profile and to the data necessary to proceed with the shipment of the order. We collect such data anonymously and guarantee compliance with it as indicated by law. To delete the functional cookies linked to your user profile, simply disconnect from your profile by clicking on the appropriate "Disconnect" button on your account page. By accessing the website, you give your explicit consent to the installation of Functional Cookies.
Disable cookies
Depending on the browser you use, you can choose to disable navigation cookies by following one of the guides listed here. Warning! We remind you that by disabling cookies, it will be impossible for you to use many online services, including those for purchasing products.